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Game testing can be demanding for human teams – and in today’s ultra-competitive gaming environment, new releases must be developed and perfected faster than ever before. Filuta AI automates game development and testing, boosting your Quality Assurance (QA) capabilities and enhancing human focus.

Key Features:

  • Hidden Feature Discovery: Filuta AI uncovers both desired/undesired and intended/unintended features, resulting from interactions between existing game elements and components.
  • Feature Validation: Filuta AI facilitates feature validation through the creation of custom-generated test scenarios, ensuring that new functionalities meet your expectations.
  • Feature Analysis: Filuta AI uses novel domain synthesis technology to enable in-depth feature analysis, helping you understand how new elements impact your game environment.
  • Regression Testing and Bug Detection: Filuta AI leverages goal-oriented methodology to guide robust regression testing and bug detection capabilities, ensuring your game remains bug-free and performs at its best.
  • Bugfix Verification: Filuta AI uses Domain Drifting Validation to systematically verify bug fixes, guaranteeing effective reporting and resolution of issues.
  • Unintended Feature Detection: Our platform applies Domain Synthesis to identify unintended features that may arise from the complex interactions within your game.
  • Game Functionality / QA Tester Support: We empower your QA testers to create comprehensive tests, valuable in assessing all aspects of game functionality and playability.
  • Goal-Oriented Explorative Testing: We improve explorative testing through creation of goal-oriented tests with actionable results. With Filuta AI, testers easily maintain focus while delving deeper into the game environment.
  • Historical Test Integration: Previous tests are fully integrated and utilized to extend the existing domain within your complex game environment, improving efficiency and testing accuracy, while conserving valuable time and resources.

With Filuta AI, you’ll elevate your game testing and Gaming QA to a whole new level – ensuring your new releases are as seamless and bug-free as possible.




We were supported by the system project Technological Incubation



The AIPlan4EU project is funded by the European Commission – H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016442

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