The challenge with testing games

Quality assurance poses a challenge in game development. Testing games bears with itself a labour-intensive and repetitive manual process. QA teams are bogged down in big virtual worlds and complex game systems, tackling a challenge, which is very difficult to complete with the tools they have available. The process is slow, inefficient and expensive. The results are crunches, mistakes, bug-ridden game releases, and loss of game studio reputation.

Solving the issue using AI automation

AI automation of QA testing is not a new notion. Mostly, however, this boils down to Machine learning assisted solutions, that are very hard to set up, learn slow, require huge data sets to learn, and cannot adapt to everyday changes.

We are using a completely different approach.

Machine Learning
Symbolic AI
Learning curve
Amount of data needed for learning
Human Editing AI's knowledge
Not possible
Adaption to changes
Retrain whole model
Continously learning

Filuta AI is a game QA changer

Using the power of Symbolic AI and learning from small data sets, Filuta AI is utilizing deep space exploration tech to create testing scenarios thoroughly and efficiently. The resulting automatable plans are a QA dream for functional tests and complete and open-ended playthroughs, freeing your development costs and time to developing your game.

Problems of game testing
Games are getting more complex; game worlds are getting bigger
Game development process unavoidably produces bugs
Continuous revisiting and rerunning of test scenarios; unavoidable double-work
Investigation requires communication between developers and testers
Why you should use Symbolic AI
Cost saving
Save human-tester resources, test non-stop and avoid costly manual work-related errors
Provide your developers with a way how to test fast and produce less bugs
Creative work
Focus your testing teams on tasks that cannot be done by machine – User Experience
Let anyone in the team run any test instantly, and see the result as fast as possible

Taking the Next Step: Engage with Filuta AI

Our solution makes a significant difference in how your studio handles QA, and we're eager to explore this opportunity with you. To get started, simply schedule a demo presentation with us.




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