Meet Filuta AI

Filuta AI is an intelligent automated platform, designed from the ground up with the power of Composite AI. Our approach to self-supervised learning and automatic symbolic domain synthesis is truly unique and opens doors to new possibilities – but we won't bore you with the buzzwords.

We create elegant, customized solutions that reduce complexity over the entire lifecycle – propelling your business beyond current limitations.

Complete lifecycle evolution

Imagine observability, scalability, continuous deployment, and testing, all seamlessly integrated. Filuta AI designs and manages the evolution of your business throughout the entire lifecycle.


Filuta offers

  • The ability to learn from datasets - big and small.
  • Creation of human-readable, explainable, auditable models.
  • Integration of diverse models and optimization solvers (NLP, CSP, ML, MIP, AI Planning)
  • Quick solutions, deployed 10x faster than traditional solutions.
  • Quantifiable, revenue-driving results - with an average 35% reduction in operational cost.

Driven by Composite AI

To put it simply, Composite AI is the evolution of artificial intelligence. By combining multiple AI technologies and techniques, Composite AI creates a more comprehensive and capable system. The term "composite AI" emphasizes a whole made up of different AI components, all working together synergistically.

Filuta AI utilizes a novel approach to composite AI. By integrating individual AI models into a cohesive unified framework, Filuta AI unlocks innovation beyond the limitations of its separate parts.

Want to learn more? Read What is Composite AI?, or schedule your 15-minute consultation.




We were supported by the system project Technological Incubation



The AIPlan4EU project is funded by the European Commission – H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016442

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