Filuta AI is building an automated QA tool for game development studios using our proprietary technology based on Symbolic AI.

Your focus would be to implement this technology to different games and game engines.

We are looking for a mid-senior C++ engineer to be our universal engineer with abstract thinking, algorithmic focus, and hacker’s attitude.

What will be your tasks:

  • Filuta AI library development and responsibility for C/C++ third party code (game engine independent solution).
  • Creating full concepts and solutions for instrumentation of native apps.
  • Instrumenting on game engines to avoid going deep into game engine code
  • Decompiling, enhancing, or optimising game code where necessary
  • Creating auxiliary tools - game engine utilities and standalone apps
  • Communicating with Filuta backend/server

Do you need to be INTO Gaming?

Well, yes. But being a hobbyist is more than enough :-) . We are primarily looking for a universal algorithm focused engineer, who can tackle anything no matter the purpose - from Gaming to Accounting SW. That being said, games are going to be your predominant focus.

What we expect from you:

  • Extensive experience in C and C++ (including STD and C++14/17/20 language features optional)
  • Experience with Assembler Language Coding
  • STL
  • Windows SDK
  • Knowledge of CPU architectures (ARM or X86) including CPU cores, caches, and memory sub-systems.
  • Multithread programming and Network programming skills
  • Experience applying Object Orientated Concepts in design/solutions development

Other relevant experience that will be advantageous:

  • Experience with cross-platform development
  • Knowledge of Python or C#
  • Experience with building a compiler
  • Knowledge of game engine architecture (such as Unity or others)
  • GPU programming

Something about Filuta AI

The Filuta AI platform democratizes intelligent automation by enabling efficient creation of composite AI solutions through a combination of self-supervised learning and automatic symbolic domain synthesis techniques.

We are a highly innovative, ambitious, well-funded and rapidly growing company with EU and US based customers. We serve a $600B/y intelligent automation market (>$1T in 2026) and provide tangible value across industries.

We are a pre-seed startup. Very new, very raw. No bullshit here. We value people who have “maker’s attitude”, artisans with strong independence, desire to build something amazing, and ability to overcome obstacles.

What we offer:

  • Significant equity stake.
  • Salary range of 120 - 200.000+ CZK monthly
  • Employment agreement or freelance contract possible.
  • Joining early a well-funded deep-tech disruptive AI startup.
  • Opportunity to build and contribute to the key architecture decisions across our projects and platform.
  • Opportunity to ramp-up on bleeding-edge artificial intelligence technologies, cooperating with the top AI scientists in the field.
  • Working with a highly motivated team of outstanding people.
  • Home-office / flexible working hours
  • Office in Prague, Czech Republic. Future relocation to the USA is possible.

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