Aim and Scope

Recent rapid growth of AI has shown the potential to revolutionize most of the everyday aspects of human lives. The field of AI is traditionally divided into a number of subfields such as Machine Learning, Knowledge and Reasoning, Planning and Scheduling, SAT solving, Computer Vision (and others) that are usually pursued individually. But the challenges of real-world applications are often too hard for a single AI approach. Hence there is a need for Composite AI, which integrates several different AI approaches that complement each other to solve the problem. Development of Composite AI system is still ad-hoc and premature.

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from different AI subfields to discuss challenges that they currently face and to initiate a discussion about the benefits and challenges of Composite AI.


  • SMT (SAT modulo theory)
  • planning modulo theory
  • smart web service composition
  • neurosymbolic AI
  • LLM + Symbolic AI
  • cognitive architectures
  • industrial applications with composite AI
  • foundations of composite AI

Submission Details

  • Full papers (7+1 pages) - Technical papers describing original research in the area of Composite AI
  • Short papers (4+1 pages) - Short technical papers, position papers and papers describing important challenges in the area of Composite AI

Submission Instructions

All papers must be submitted in a PDF format and must conform to the (ECAI formatting). The extra page can only be used for acknowledgements and references. The reviewing process will be single-blind.

The submission is done via (OpenReview).

Authors of rejected papers from ECAI-24 wishing to submit their paper to CompAI can submit a request by July 11 through a dedicated form (which will beome available after July 1)

Invited Speakers

Panel Discussion

Important Dates

  • Paper submission deadline: June 28 (Extended !)
  • Notification: July 23
  • Final version: July 31
  • Workshop date: October 20 (full day workshop)

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

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